Refractory plate for sliding gate mechanism

Product features

The refractory plates designed and manufactured by Deguisa are key elements of the sliding gate mechanism, being responsible for closing and controlling the flow of molten steel from the laddle to the tundish.

Deguisa has a wide catalog of refractory qualities in constant improvement, to optimize the performance with any type of steel:

Carbon Alumina
Tabular alumina
Alumina Carbon spinel
Carbon Magnesia
Magnesia Spinel

Deguisa manufactures NOVALCO® sliding gate, original Deguisa design, and any non-patented plate model  available on the world market.

Deguisa added value
  • Wide range of refractory qualities
  • Permanent research of new refractory compositions
  • Adaptation to the steel process of each plant
  • Adaptable to most existing sliding valve systems
placas refractarias deguisa

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