Deguisa’s history

Our identity by Nestor Basterretxea

Nuestra identidad por Nestor Basterretxea

Production capacities

Deguisa has 7,000 m² facilities where there are a production area of pressed refractories, shaped and unshaped refractories, another for the manufacture of precast pieces, a workshop for the manufacture and assembly of mechanical elements, laboratory, offices and general wharehouse.

The equipment that configures the production means includes; high intensity mixers, hydraulic presses, drying and cooking ovens that can reach temperatures up to 1,800º c, grinders, blasting machines, recovery mills and a vacuum pitch impregnation plant

taller mecanico operario herramientas
prensa maquinaria deguisa
operario-trabajando proceso fabrica deguisa
operario fabrica proceso desguisa
oficina trabajo deguisa
laboratorio prueba medicion material
laboratorio desguisa medios
horno fabrica almacen desguisa maquina
horno fabrica almacen desguisa
almacen trabajo maquina deguisa
almacen materiales deguisa

Presence of Deguisa in the world


The market that Deguisa serves requires strict quality requirements in both products and services. Deguisa is kept to a strict quality management system present in all fields and departments of the company. Since 1996 the company has the quality assurance system according to ISO-9001 standard continuously updated by the requirements of the standard and as a result of the improvements carried out internally. The scheme, plan, do, validate and act guides Deguisa´s quality policy.


Deguisa is an active member of the associations and reference projects within the sectors in which takes part.

Deguisa fulfill the necessary requeriments to be considered as an Innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.