The combustion and control system equipment can be one of the most critical aspects of a manufacturing process. Deguisa has collaborated and developed projects with the most recognized companies in the market including the most diverse areas of activity that use heating systems in their processes.

Deguisa analyzes all the variables related to the production process and, based on the accumulated experience through years, helps its clients to achieve the level of competitiveness demanded by the market by optimizing the efficiency of heat transfer with the most advanced technology.

Combustion and control engineering

Deguisa helps to solve any combustion demand adapted to each client and their supporting in new projects.

Equipment fine tune and technical assistance

Deguisa provides services for helping to improve equipment performance and on site technical assistance.

Consulting services

Deguisa provides combustion and control systems experience and specific knowledge to analyse and support any project required by the client.

Components and spare parts

Deguisa offers all kind of components and spare parts for any combustion and control system.