Launders refractories

Product features

Great number of references throughout the years support Deguisa as a company with quality and experience coating aluminium transfer launders.

Deguisa offers a complete program from the engineering and definition of the launder to the final manufacture.

Materials used with anti-wetting properties against the formation of corundum obtain high yields.

The sectorized design in preshaped pieces for launder sections allows quick and easy change of areas that require a new coating.

High resistance materials allow to improve the life of those areas that suffer from impact such as the reception baths, entry or pouring spouts or bifurcations of the melted aluminium

Deguisa added value
  • Unique solution for each installation, depending on the needs of each client.
  • High yields thanks to the latest generation materials.
  • Quick installations and start-ups with the preshaped launders.
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