Non ferrous casting unit lining

Product features

Great number of references throughout the years support Deguisa as a company with quality and experience coating casting units or presspuors.

Deguisa supplies a wide range of products that include ramming mixes, conventional concrete of low content in cement (LCC) and of ultra low content in cement (ULCC).

Deguisa offers a complete manufacturing program for melting and casting furnaces including engineering and definition of the most suitable materials, as well as its distribution in different areas to combine the best technical solution.

Deguisa can install the lining in its own facilities taking care of the demolition, assembly and pre-drying of the refractory materials.

In addition, Deguisa manufactures and supplies the preshaped pieces related to the casting units such as casting nozzles, launders.

Deguisa added value
  • Deguisa offers technical support throughout the life of the casting unit, developing solutions to existing problems.
  • Deguisa obtains optimal performance thanks to its latest generation materials.
  • Specific solutions for each installation.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Integral coatings in our facilities that avoid restrictions at customer´s plant and the inconveniences derived from the installation, as well as a safer and quicker start-up thanks to the pre-drying highlighted in deguisa.
refractarios fundiciones no ferrico revestimiento hornos mantenimiento y colada

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