Refractory purging systems

Product features

The refractory components of the purging systems is one of the elements of greatest responsibility of the installation.

Deguisa designs and manufactures porous and directional plugs to homogenize temperature and composition of molten steel. This is achieved by combining an optimal design with the ideal refractory quality for steel in the steelmaking process.

The purging plugs are supplied in different formats:

DIRECTIONAL PLUG 270 mm 0,15 mm

0,20 mm

360 mm
450 mm
360 mm
450 mm


The plugs include a witness that allows detecting when the end of the useful life is reached.

The plugs are installed in the holder blocks designed and manufactured in concrete with low cement content by Deguisa to give the highest possible performance in severe conditions of thermal shock and wear by contact with steel.

Deguisa added value
  • Plugs made of dense high alumina concrete for better performance at high temperature.
  • Dimensions of the blow channels in directional plugs optimized for the desired pressure-flow curve.
  • Availability of plugs in different heights to adapt to the thickness of the laddle bottom refractory.
  • Plug blocks designed specifically for each installation.
refractarios sistema soplado deguisa

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