Plug fixing systems

Product features

The inert gas blowing system includes the mechanical and refractory components necessary to guarantee the flow and pressure conditions required by the installation.

The closing mechanism of the plug is characterized by its design as a gate with a tilting base, which allows a correct positioning and tightening of the assembly against the base of the laddle.

It includes the following mechanical elements:
• level plate for laddle bottom.
• plug closing system.
• non-return valves.

Deguisa also designs and manufactures the refractory components of the argon purging system in different geometries and qualities:
1. Porous plug.
2. Directional plug.
3. Plug block.

Deguisa added value
  • System valid for all types of operations, working conditions and laddle geometries.
  • Correct fixation of the stopper against the bottom of the laddle.
  • Modular structure system for quick and easy installation.
sistema cierre tapon soplado deguisa

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