Channel furnace lining

Product features

Many references throughout the years warrant Deguisa as a company with quality and recognized experience in the coating of channel furnaces.

Deguisa supplies a wide range of products that include tamping dry masses, conventional concrete of low cement content (LCC) and ultra low cement content (ULCC).

Deguisa offers a complete manufacturing program for channel furnaces which includes the engineering and definition of the most suitable materials, as well as the distribution in different sections to combine the best technical solution in installation and operation.

Our assembly specialists assist the customers not only during installation, drying and fritting, but operating the installation as well.

Deguisa added value
  • Deguisa offers technical support throughout the life of the channel kiln developing solutions to existing problems.
  • Deguisa gets optimal performance thanks to its latest generation materials.
  • Specific solutions for each installation.
  • Turnkey projects.
horno canal deguisa

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