Sealing mass for refractory joints

Product features

Applied in the existing joints between the different shaped refractory components present in the laddle, such as sliding gate systems and plugs for steel agitation.

The composition of each product allows adapting to different geometries and the operational needs of each plant, ensuring a proper seal.

Sealplast Sealing joints between plates and collector nozzle in sliding gate systems
Graphite mass Sealing joints between nozzle and block
Seal-Chrome Sealing joints between nozzle and block, and between plug and block
Deguisa added value
  • Formats adaptable to the needs of the plant.
  • Qualities designed to optimize the use in service:
  • • Sealplast: Excellent response in operation and easy take-off after use.
  • • Graphite mass: Allows a watertight seal and an easy extraction of the nozzle.
  • • Seal-Chrome: Guarantees a proper sealing in very thick joints and in applications of high structural responsibility.
masas de sellado de juntas refractarias deguisa

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