Melting tower refractories

Product features

Great number of references throughout the years support Deguisa as a company with quality and experience coating aluminium melting towers.

Materials used, with anti-wetting properties, prevent the built up of corundum from the reaction of molten aluminium with the refractory material.

In addition, Deguisa has high strength materials that improve the life of impact areas such as loading or furnace frame

Deguisa covers everything from the complete lining of the melting tower to partial repairs, reconstructing the most affected areas of the furnace.

Our assembly specialists assist our customers at the time not only installation and drying, but during the operation of the installation.

Deguisa added value
  • Materials with anti-wetting properties that prevent the appearance of corundum and improve refractory life.
  • High mechanical strength materials that improve the life of areas that suffer great impacts
  • Specific solutions for each installation.
  • Turnkey projects.
torre fusora deguisa

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