Materials for cupola furnace lining

Product features

Deguisa supplies materials with graphite and silicon carbide loads for the bath, applied both by tamping or casting.

The materials on the melting zone are resistant to reducing atmospheres.

For the chimney area Deguisa offers anti-abrasion and impact resistant materials, applied by casting or gunning.

In addition, Deguisa makes available materials for the transfer of iron and slag by casted runners or shaped pieces.

Deguisa offers a complete manufacturing program for cupola furnaces that includes engineering and definition of the most suitable materials, as well as the distribution in different areas to get the best technical solution in installation and operation.

Our assembly specialists assist the customers not only during installation, drying and fritting, but operating the installation as well.

Deguisa added value
  • Deguisa offers its technical team during installation and the life of the refractory.
  • Specific solutions for each situation.
horno cubilote deguisa

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