Ladle refractories

Product features

Since the steel transfer elements are becoming more and more important in the melting processes, Deguisa has optimized the coating of the ladles, from the point of view of thermal losses and the life of the refractories.

Deguisa offers its customers the widest range of refractories for low and ultra low content in cement, concretes and self-adhesive concretes, at the same time providing extensive experience in this field.

Likewise, Deguisa has developed repair techniques that represent a great optimization of refractory materials.
Historically, Deguisa has trained the staff of the clients to improve the way of lining and repairing the casting ladles.

In addition, Deguisa designs and manufactures pre-shaped ladles that allow customer great availability of the ladles thanks to its quick installation and improves safety, also drastically reduces the drying time since the piece is delivered pre-dried.

Also designs and manufactures different preshaped parts such as spouts, walls, nozzles, impact pieces or porous plugs.

Deguisa added value
  • Deguisa offers a technical department for the linining and improvement of refractories.
  • High yields versus single-use solutions.
  • Custom designs for each installation.
  • Optimization of maintenance and repair practices that improve the life of the laddles and save consumption of refractory materials.
  • Shaped laddles that allow greater laddle availability.
  • Pre-dried shaped laddles with faster drying and lower risk at customer´s house.
refractarios fundicion cucharas

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