Special pieces for horizontal continuous casting

Product features

There are some steel plants equiped with an horizontal continuous casting machine due to the particularities of the plant lay out and the casting process.

In continuous casting systems, the evacuation of the molten steel is done through the front of the tundish, which requires a particular solution where the geometry of the billet is formed.

These holes through which the continuous casting machine is fed are coated to face the erosion and chemical attack.

Other components are also available for the emptying area of the tundish for slag and evacuation in emergency situations.

Front nozzle Drain Plug
Front Nozzle Ring Drain Plug Cap
Feeder Tube Drain Plug Ring
Deguisa added value
  • Flexibility in the design.
  • Dimensional tolerances and demanding surface finishes.
  • Refractory qualities resistant to high temperatures and abrasion.
piezas especiales colada deguisa

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